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BC Teen Is Rebuilding Vancouver In Minecraft & It's Mesmerizing (VIDEOS)

Finally out of high school and building his city from the ground up.
Vancouver In Minecraft: BC Teen Is Recreating The City With All This Free Time (VIDEOS)

There's been a lot more free time these days, and people are filling it with all sorts of new things. There's even someone building Vancouver in Minecraft so you can get out while staying in. They've only finished a few buildings so far, but they plan to do the entire downtown soon.

"I have always been interested in Minecraft," said Stash Curry in an email to Narcity.

Over three videos on his YouTube channel GinsuGames, Curry made a solid start on the city and finished three giant towers already. The latest upload was on Monday, April 27.

Curry was a senior in high school when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. While he wasn't personally affected too seriously, he suddenly found himself with a whole lot more free time on his hands.

Around the same time, Minecraft gamer PippenFTS went viral for wanting to recreate the entire world in 1:1 scale in Minecraft. Curry was inspired.

PippenFTS's project called "Build The Earth" is an enormous collaboration between gamers everywhere. People can apply to join a massive server, and whatever they build gets stitched into a massive, scale representation of the world.

Curry immediately joined in and started building Rain City from scratch.

Curry filmed himself building a few buildings and uploaded it to YouTube, where it instantly got thousands of views. Pretty impressive considering he only had a hundred or so subscribers.

The videos are all sped up super fast, and each run at around just seven minutes long.

It's incredible watching Vancouver assemble itself right out of the ground, and surprisingly soothing too. Curry said that the three videos he has up so far took one and a half weeks of work.

He takes photos and details from Google Maps and uses their measurements to make sure everything is to scale and spaced properly. The apartment buildings even have furniture included.

With all this time on our hands, there are definitely worse things we could be doing. Curry says that he's probably not going to finish the entire city by himself, and hopes others would join him.

"Alone it is currently unrealistic to finish the whole city, but as people join the project the process will speed up significantly," he said.

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