Vancouver Is Turning Into An Epic City-Wide Treaure Hunt

We're talking real pirates treasure here.
Vancouver Is Turning Into An Epic City-Wide Treaure Hunt

How good are your riddle-solving skills? Did you watch one too many episodes of Sherlock and think you've mastered the science of deduction? Maybe you just always had a knack for solving puzzles and love putting your brain to the test. Either way, we have the event of the summer for you! 

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Adventure Hunt is coming to Vancouver with an epic, city-wide treasure hunt. It's an unbelievable contest for you and your friends to sign-up for that has some amazing prizes waiting at the end.

The event takes place this Saturday, August 5th and it's a day-long, city-wide adventure. How does it work? Pick your partner and sign-up! They'll give an app to download and on the day of, you'll have an "adventure list" to score points off of. That includes tasks and challenges to post on Instagram. Once you get enough points, you're given a treasure map that will lead you to the grand prize. 

Believe us, the prizes are grand indeed. First place includes brand new gear from GoPro, GOscope, KZ Gear, Mission Belts and Red Bull... oh and a trip to Panama, no big deal. 

The trip to panama is for the "Adventure Hunt Final", and includes a 6 day, 5 night stay in a private villa at the Red Frog Beach Resort in Bocas del Toro! Not only that, but there's one more trip to Panama that's raffled off for everyone who enters. 

Registration starts at $44.00 USD, and has a $64.00 and $94.00 option as well (although prices will increase for late registrations). The $44.00 is the bare minimum, though the premium packages include portable phone chargers, a waterpoof case and more. 

For more information, you can check out their website and their facebook page. So what's it gonna be? Think you can hunt yourself a trip to Panama?