There's something utterly beautiful about how cities look like from space.  They remind me of neurons in the human brain - their lit-up streets and buildings create a beautiful pattern that looks something like an elaborate network of dendrites. It's things like this that make me believe we're all part of something much bigger.

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Here's what Vancouver and other major cities around the world look like from space:

Vancouver, Canada

Photo cred - Reddit

Toronto, Canada

Montreal, Canada

Ottawa, Canada

New York, USA

Chicago, USA

Photo cred - naked-science

Las Vegas, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Seoul, Korea

Paris, France

Photo cred - lexpress

London, England

Sydney, Australia

Milan, Italy

Manila, Philippines

Kolkata, India

Photo cred - getzkick

Berlin, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Beijing, China

Cairo, Egypt

Cape Town, South Africa

Photo cred - alexgf

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