Vancouver Man Recklessly Climbs The Tallest Crane In The City And The RCMP Is Not Happy About It

Another man has uploaded a video to YouTube of himself scaling a super tall fixture in Vancouver, basically admitting to the police that he's broke the law. Classic. We don't really understand the fascination with climbing to the tops of really high buildings, cranes or other fixtures, considering it's illegal and you could fall and die - but to each their own?

The original video "TOP OF THE TALLEST CRANE IN VANCOUVER" was uploaded on February 16th, 2018 by Keu. Iu on YouTube. The video itself is terrifying and will definitely make you dizzy. In the information bar, the climber explains that he climbed to the top of the tallest crane in Vancouver to catch the sunrise.

He explains that he tried to climb the same crane a few months prior, but couldn't get to the top because it was too slippery from the rain and wind. You would think that would stop him from doing this kind of thing, eh?

Instead, he made it his goal to scale it again and get to the very top. He even admits that he had "a few near death experiences while climbing". Supposedly he also posted a photo on Instagram and received a lot of hate and even death threats but he posted the video on YouTube regardless.

Now that the video has circulated on the internet, the RCMP has responded. They haven't confirmed if they are investigating into this specific daredevil stunt, but they did confirm that they believe the stunt in the video could be criminal in nature. They also warned that illegally climbing buildings and structures for thrills and social media posts can put other people in danger rather than just themselves. If someone slips and falls, a first responder has to put their safety at risk to rescue them. 

They are asking the public to report if they have witnessed a criminal offence. They also state that rooftoppers are commonly charged with break and enter, and mischief.

Last year, a woman went viral after climbing a crane in Toronto! The photo of her is now famous. She sat on top of the crane so nonchalantly it chilled viewers to their bones. There's a video where you can see her sitting on top of a dangling crane without a care in the world. 

Source: CTV News