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Vancouver's Mayor Just Said "Andrew Scheer Would Be Worse Than Stephen Harper"

The tweets have had mixed reactions from the Canadian public.

As Canada’s federal election campaigning starts drawing to a close, tensions between the country’s political leaders are higher than ever. Amongst celebrity endorsements and international voices of support, one particular tweet has really got Canadians talking, and it’s from Vancouver’s Mayor, Kennedy Stewart.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday evening, the Mayor of Vancouver, Kennedy Stewart, wrote, “Ahead of [the election], I invited federal leaders to discuss the key issues of housing, transit, & opioids with me. All agreed except for Andrew Scheer.” Stewart went on, “When I read his platform I knew why. It's clear to me that Andrew Scheer would be worse than Stephen Harper.”

In a follow-up tweet, Stewart continued to drag Scheer, adding, "On housing Andrew Scheer would move us backwards and make housing less affordable ... On opioids Andrew Scheer would drag us back into court while more people die."

As a former New Democratic Party MP, it is hardly surprising that Stewart has tweeted to reject some Conservative party policies. However, his repeated attacks on Andrew Scheer, as opposed to any other party leaders, has caused some Canadians to call him out, with one person even suggesting his comments were "unethical."

Responding directly to Stewart’s comments on Twitter, one Canadian wrote, “I may respect you usually but this is unethical for you to tell people who to vote for in a different election.”

Another shared a similar comment with regard to the mayor’s tweets about the election, replying to say, “How you feel it would appropriate for a PM to publicly make statements regarding a mayoral election? I believe your comments are walking a fine ethical line.”

While the tweets did receive several supportive replies from Canadians, many people did criticize the mayor for getting involved in federal politics. Shortly after his original Andrew Scheer tweets, Stewart backtracked a little and claimed that he was not trying to influence anybody’s opinion. 

In a third tweet, he explained, “To be clear: not telling people who to vote for. But I do want to tell people in Vancouver that if you care about housing, transit and opioids – and I know most people do –  Andrew Scheer would be worse than Stephen Harper.”

As Monday’s election draws nearer, several big names have publicly shared their opinions on the federal candidates in the upcoming election. While Stewart has been dragging Andrew Scheer, former U.S. President, Barack Obama, has openly shared his support for Justin Trudeau.

Similarly, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has had the unofficial support of Rihanna and Drake, who both recently followed him on Instagram, as well as the endorsement of several prominent, Toronto-based celebrities.

Canadians will make a final decision on what's best for Canada when they head to the polls on Monday.

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