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New Mini-Putt Pop-Up Bar Coming To Vancouver Will Let You Play Golf And Smash Things

You've never mini golfed like this before.

Ever wished that mini-golf came with more of an adrenaline rush? You can get it at this Vancouver mini-golf smash bar pop-up coming to the city next year! This is one of the craziest pop-up bar ideas we have heard in a long time and we can't wait to get our hands on tickets.

Invincible Watch and Backtee Supply Co. have teamed up to create a unique pop-up bar that brings together the best of mini-golf and a smash room! Let your competitive side shine through as you work your way through the course and grab drinks at the bar as you putt and smash away to your heart's content. 

Using your golf club, you'll putt and smash your way through the course. There's a hole where your goal is to smash as many vases as you can with just four shots!

You'll even find a hole that's literally set on fire as you try to sink a hole in one. If wreaking havoc on the golf course has long been one of your fantasies, then you can't miss out on this hilarious mini golf smash room.

Don't forget the competitive aspect of the room, where you'll have to compete in different mini-golf smash tasks, each more difficult than the next. Imagine the pressure of having to hit a hole-in-one through a burning target!

This event is coming to 12 cities and the winners from each city will be brought to Las Vegas next summer to compete in the Smash Room Golf Cup. 

Right now, the details are pretty slim for the event, but we do know that it is happening in Vancouver next January, 2020 for sure!

Check out their website and subscribe for updates to be among the first to score tickets for this unique mini golf smash event. There are only 500 tickets available for each city, so we're sure that tickets will sell out fast. 

Smash Room Golf

Location: Vancouver

When: January 17, 2020

Price: TBD

Why you need to go: A pop-up bar where you can play mini-golf and rage out over smashing, this place has everything!