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BC Mom Allegedly Bribed American Ivy League School With $100,000 To Get Her Son Accepted

Her son was accepted to UCLA as an early soccer recruit.
BC Mom Allegedly Bribed American Ivy League School With $100,000 To Get Her Son Accepted

If you don’t have the grades or athletic ability to get yourself into an ivy league university, you better hope your mom has a few thousand dollar bills lying around. This Vancouver mom allegedly bribed UCLA $100,000 to get her son accepted.

Xiaoning Sui reportedly wrote a hefty cheque to a college counselor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) who passed the payment on to the school's soccer coach. The coach then reportedly positioned Sui's son as UCLA’s newest early soccer recruit.

According to New York Daily News, the mother in question, Xiaoning Sui, then watched her son receive his acceptance letter along with a scholarship celebrating his phony elite soccer skills.

The soccer coach, Jorge Salcedo, was arrested in March on account of this bribe and another $100,000 bribe that also got a second female student accepted as an early soccer recruit. Turns out, neither of the young adults even played competitive soccer at all.

The counselor, William “Rick” Singer, who was originally handed the cash became a helpful member of the investigation in the case of college acceptance bribes of this nature, said New York Daily News. The government had him wear a wire while speaking with his clients to uncover any shady dealings.

Some of the other parents caught in the scandal included Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman and Full House star Lori Loughlin.

In the case of the Vancouver mom, she had allegedly agreed to give Singer a total of $400,000 to help her son get accepted into UCLA. When the case blew up back in March, 33 parents were caught in similar bribery scandals.

Last spring, another Vancouver father, David Sidoo, was arrested and charged in connection to the ivy league university bribing scandal. The UBC alum reportedly paid $200,000 to have someone take his sons' SAT exams. 

We're not certain what the charges entail for the other parents involved, but the events are scandalous beyond belief. Sounds like soccer talent and university acceptance are just a few of those things money can't buy. At least not without getting caught.

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