There's something about a fresh coat that gives confidence and pulls everything together. If you're used to getting your nails done on the regular, then you could be seriously missing your manis. Luckily, you don't have to feel like you're missing out on anything because this Vancouver nail artist will show you how to take care of your own nails at home. 

Narcity spoke with Seika Kono, owner of Line Spa and Polish in Vancouver about how to deal right now if your nails could use some TLC.

“Putting on polish is very healing, kind of like a ritual for everyone," she said. She loves to do it at home for herself as a ritual, too.

But you don't need to be a nail artist or even paint your nails to take care of them. If you've been washing your hands like crazy lately, then you need to moisturize.

"Your hands, your nails, your cuticles — every single thing is very dry right now. It’s very important that you moisturize your hands right after washing," she said.

Keeping the top layer of your skin and nails moisturized will help prevent cracking and breaking that could open up spaces for germs to get in.

"Make sure if you wash your hands, you moisturize right after." She says that jojoba oil is the best because it’s ph level is the same as our skin and nails plus it's rich in vitamins.

But any moisturizer is better than none. "Whatever is available, any oil or cream will help. It’s more important to moisturize often," she said.

As a mini at-home treatment, you can soak your hands in water to soften them before moisturizing.

"Also, it’s just very healing to have your hand in the water. In Japan water is a cleansing ingredient and we believe washing is detoxifying and symbolizes purification," she said.

If you've been used to having gel nails 24/7, then without a manicurist life can be hard. It's a good idea to keep them short until you can get back in the salon chair.

 If you're used to gel, then "you have a mindset of working with protection so your behaviour is harsher on your natural nail, so it’s better to cut them shorter."

Kono says that after your gel is off, you can use a sponge buffer to buff the surface of the nail with oil on top as an easy at-home fix.

If you're getting super bored at home, you don't have to cut off all your hair or dye it crazy colours to get a change.

Kono shared a nail art tip that anyone can do at home. "You can use eyeshadow as a nail art tool," she said. 

"You apply polish on your nails and before it gets fully dried you can apply shadows with a sponge tip before it gets fully dry to add texture. That kind of nail art is trending right now," she said.

She has a ton of amazing DIY designs you can try at home if you're feeling experimental.Her best advice, though, is to just do what makes you feel good. “You are the base of everything, take care of yourself, love yourself,” she said.