Canada is incredibly beautiful. Our great nation is so diverse and unique that it’s often hard to compare it to anything else. While we have so many amazing spots in Canada, one particular place sticks out among the rest. According to a recent list, Vancouver was named as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Among that list were only two other Canadian locations. 

The Flight Network recently released a list of the 50 most beautiful cities in the world. In order to curate the list, Flight Network went to the experts. This included travel writers, bloggers, and agencies from around the world. 

Collaboratively, a list of the 50 most beautiful cities around the world was created. 

Lucky enough to be on the list is Vancouver. But not only did our beautiful city make the list, it actually cracked the top five. That means our city has been ranked better than places like Barcelona, Vienna, Tokyo, and more. 

Coming in at number five on the list is Vancouver. Our city fell behind cities like Paris, New York, London, and Venice respectively. 

While those cities were ranked as the top four, Vancouver did come before some heavy competition in the top 10 including Cape Town, San Francisco, Sydney, and Rome. 

At first glance, it may come as a surprise to have Vancouver ranked so high on the list but we have a lot going for us. 

Along with the views, our city has some of the best education. A recent study found that the University of British Columbia was considered to be one of the best institutions in the world to get an education. 

Vancouver is also known for its aquarium which was ranked as one of the best in North America. 

We also have an epic foodie scene! In fact, out of Canada’s top 50 bars, eight of them are in Vancouver. Plus, we have even been mentioned as a bucket list destination in the past!

We should be really proud of or ranking. Out of all 50 cities, only two other Canadians locations were mentioned.

According to the list, Toronto and Quebec City came in at number 21 and 23 respectively. 

The complete top 10 list is as follows:

  1. Paris
  2. New York
  3. London 
  4. Venice
  5. Vancouver 
  6. Barcelona 
  7. Cape Town 
  8. San Francisco 
  9. Sydney 
  10. Rome 

To see the entire rundown, visit the Flight Network website. 

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