Vancouver Is Officially One Of The Best Student Cities In The Whole World

Where was this list when I was deciding on schools?!
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Vancouver Is Officially One Of The Best Student Cities In The Whole World

If you’re thinking about going back to school in the fall, this ranking may be helpful. According to a new list, a number of Canadian schools have been mentioned as the top student cities in the world. From the global ranking, only one B.C. city made the cut. Vancouver was named one of the best student cities. 

It can be tough to choose the right school. Between studying for finals and having an active social life, you need a school that meets your needs. 

In order to make the decision easier, QS Top Universities developed a new list that lists the best student cities across the world!  

QS was able to curate their list based on the number and performance of their universities, how employers are hiring, affordability, desirability, quality of life, and diversity of student body. 

Out of 120 schools mentioned, five were in Canada. Out of the five Canadian schools, only one was in BC! Coming in at number 16 on the list, Vancouver, British Columbia was mentioned for a wide variety of reasons. 

According to QS, this amazing Canadian city was able to secure a spot in the top 20 list because it is home to two universities. Both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University have been mentioned by QS in previous lists. 

Due to the location of the campuses, unique study settings, and surrounding nature and hikes, Vancouver was ranked 16th on the list. 

In terms of desirability, employer activity, affordability, and student rank, Vancouver came in 10th, 29th, 55th, and 37th place respectively. 

When you think about it, it's not surprising that Vancouver is recognized as a top student city. The transit system in the city has won awards. Most recently, TransLink BC was named as one of the best North American transit systems. 

Vancouver has also been recognized for having some of the restaurant patios, bars, and restaurants. Even the Vancouver Aquarium was asked as one of the best aquariums in North America! What more could a student want?

This gorgeous city followed behind some intense competition, such as London, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Berlin. 

The other Canadian cities mentioned on the list included Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec. These cities came in 6th, 11th, 45th, and 115th place respectively. 

To view the entire list, you can visit the QS website. 

Stephanie Hilash
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Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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