The Vancouver Night Markets Are Back Next Month

Some of the most extra foods Vancouver has ever seen are back!

With the rain (ugh) not going away, summer in Vancouver feels like a dream that never happened. So while the sun isn't out right now, we're here to brighten your day with some good news.

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The Vancouver Night Markets are back next month which also means summer is almost here!!! Can you believe it? Never thought the rain was going to end. That also means some of the wackiest, craziest and most extra foods Vancouver has ever seen are coming back!

The International Summer Night Market, also known as the Panda Night Market, is back April 29! The Richmond night market has no admission fee, free parking and was named one of the top four night markets in the whole world by Travel & Leisure.

The Richmond Night Market is back May 1. It's known to be the biggest night market in North America. It's easily accessible by skytrain and features nightly performances.

The Shipyards Night Market is easily one of the most scenic night markets in Vancouver. Set in North Vancouver, it returns May 5. The market features fresh food, local products, performances and art.

We can't wait to see the latest food creations at the night markets this year. Last year foods and fads like Egglet Parfaits, Raindrop Cakes, Rotatos and more made it onto the night market scene. We're wondering what crazy new trend will be arrive this year.

But until then, here are some photos from last year to give you that extra dose of nostalgia for summer.

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