Vancouver’s In For Two Weeks Of Gorgeous Weather Followed By A “Mild” Winter

Vancouver's 14-day forecast is looking bright and sunny right now.
Vancouver October Weather Shows Two Weeks Of Sunny Weather Followed By A “Mild” Winter

Vancouver is a wonderful city, there's no argument there, but it can get a little grey when fall and winter come around. If you're not a fan of rain, cold and clouds, you might like what's in store for Vancouver over the next couple weeks. Vancouver October weather is looking absolutely gorgeous and we cannot wait to enjoy an endless fall in Vancity.

According to The Weather Network, Vancouver will be experiencing sunny days for the next two weeks starting on Wednesday, October 23. Though there will be a little drizzle on Friday, October 25 and a chance of showers on Monday, November 11, it’s looking sunny and bright otherwise.

Also, temperatures will be averaging from 12 C to 8 C over the next 14 days. If you’re aching to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, we’d suggest getting out there on Saturday, October 26 or Monday, October 28 because there are going to be bluebird skies on those two days.

If the news of the next two weeks' weather isn't enough to get you excited to get out of the house, perhaps news of a mild winter will help. You heard it, folks, we're in for an especially mild winter in B.C.

According to CTV News, B.C. can look forward to less snowfall than usual and a direr, sunnier winter overall. More specifically, Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops and Prince George will be the main areas experiencing mild winter conditions. 

In Vancouver, news of more sun than expected is a total game-changer. It's easy to get a little glum and want to hibernate indoors when the only colour you see is grey. Luckily, you've got at least two more weeks to enjoy the fall colours and crispt autumn air before winter creeps in.

Other Canadian provinces aren't as fortunate when it comes to winter 2020. In fact, Ontario is in for some blizzards and chilly temperatures. As for Alberta, a slightly warmer winter is also in the forecast, plus a very white Christmas.

Basically, as far as we can tell, most of Canada can expect their standard winter just a little more dry and a little bit warmer.

If this means Vancouverites can forget about their umbrellas for a little longer and wait a few weeks to flick on their Vitamin D lamps, we're going to go ahead and call that a win.

The vibes in Vancouver are never higher than when the sun is out, so the next two weeks are going to be an absolute dream in the city. If you've got a couple sick days left for this year, perhaps next week is the time to cash them in.

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