Most people wouldn't want to catch a naked intruder chilling in their backyard pool, but this Vancouverite was delighted when it happened to her. It helps when said intruder was an adorable otter with no cares to give. After taking a quick dip, the Vancouver otter took off for new adventures.

Jasmine Sallay-Carrington lives at her parents' house near Jericho Beach. On Tuesday morning, May 5, her sister heard a bunch of shouting outside. They rushed out with a phone in hand, ready to investigate.

What she didn't expect on stepping outside was to see an adorable otter up close, swimming gracefully in her parents' backyard pool.

"I've never seen an order that close before, or like in this area before so I was pretty surprised," Sallay-Carrington told Narcity.

It was a strange situation, her dog barking wildly at the critter as it did laps seemingly without caring that they'd been discovered. Sallay-Carrington said that she was worried the dog could get in a fight with the otter so they quickly separated them.

Sallay-Carrington, on the other hand, seemed happy with how it turned out. "I thought it was pretty cute. Bigger than I expected even for like, I think it was a young otter," she said.

"It was very weird afterwards," she continued. "It crossed the street back towards our neighbour's house and it was the weirdest thing watching an otter cross the street."

Sallay-Carrington said she and her sister believes the critter had been living in her neighbour's back yard for the last few days.

It's possible the otter originally came from the water near Jericho Beach, where they're often seen. That beach is more famous for its giant bunny population than for its otters, but its a bit unfair how that one area gets all the cuteness.

After the video was posted to her Instagram story, she said she's been flooded with attention and messages. She said she was really happy to have spread some joy into people's lives.

"I'm just happy that everyone enjoyed it," she said, adding that a ton of her friends were "pretty in shock" when they saw the video.

"Glad to entertain people right now. They probably need it."