Vancouver police are under investigation after their seemingly unwarranted treatment of a 22-year-old former University of British Columbia football player. The incident happened in early February and was caught on video.

Jamiel Moore-Williams was stopped by police on the Granville Strip after crossing the street against the light. The officers asked Moore-Williams for ID, then pulled him to the ground and Tasered him several times. In the video, Moore-Williams is heard shouting, "This is illegal!"

B.C.’s police complaint commissioner has ordered an investigation into what happened during the arrest of Jamiel Moore-Williams on the Granville Strip in February. @ctv_jon reports.

April 20, 2018

The Vancouver Police Department defended their actions claiming that Moore-Williams tried to "choke" one of the officers by putting them in a headlock, and gave them the middle finger as he was jaywalking. 

But, none of that is depicted in the cellphone video that was taken of the incident. Police have not yet been able to locate more footage that might give them a clearer picture of what happened.

Via Cellphone Video Screen Capture, CTV News

According to Moore-Williams, his race played a role in the incident and is part of the reason why the situation got out of control. His lawyer says that Moore-Williams will be fighting two counts of obstruction of justice and a ticket for jaywalking in court.

Source: CTV News