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Vancouver Police Arrest A Man After He Asked Two Undercover Cops To Help Him Steal A Car

You really can't make this stuff up. On Wednesday, April 28, the Vancouver Police Department reported that a local unknowingly asked two undercover officers to help him steal a car. The police promptly arrested the offender for trying to break into cars and breaching terms of his probation. 

Vancouver Police titled their post as "Unusual request for help" on their "Crime Stories" page.

The police said that just after 2 a.m. on a "recent shift" two plainclothes police officers were out and about in the city when they spotted a man looking into several vehicles. 

The officers recognized the man as a longtime "property crime offender" so they took note of him right away. 

As the officers stood and watched, the man walked right up to them. He went on to ask the cops whether they knew how to steal a car and if they would be willing to help him do the deed.

The would-be offender also asked the cops for a "punch" tool to help him steal the cars. 

You can imagine that none of these are requests that police officers typically get. They're used to being asked for help, but not being asked for help in committing crimes. 

"He also asked if they had ever thought about robbing a jewelry store, as he had heard you get a lot of money, and he wanted some white diamonds," reads the post. 

The officers didn't immediately apprehend the man; instead, they watched him as he made his way through the streets, looking for more accomplices. 

However, he was unsuccessful in recruiting anyone for his criminal activity.

Soon after, the police moved to arrest this local for trying to break into five vehicles and damaging one. 

All in all, this perp was charged with mischief and five counts of breaching his probation. 

Vancouver Police said it best, "It is not unusual for people to approach VPD officers and ask for help, but asking for help to commit a crime is certainly less common."

It appears that it was a stroke of luck that helped the undercover officers apprehend the man before he could go on to commit some serious theft.

Other reports in the "Crime Stories" page also mention some odd incidents that have occurred in the city recently. 

From stolen vehicles being returned to their rightful owners to people tearing doors off helicopters, it seems that our local cops are still having to be at the top of their game during these times. 

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