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Someone Had An 8 Ft Boa Constrictor & Tons Of Weapons In Vancouver's 'Tent City'

Police were initially called to a machete fight.
Vancouver Police Find A 8 Ft Boa Constrictor & Tons Of Weapons In 'Tent City'

This story is filled with plot twists. On Friday, May 8, the Vancouver Police Department announced that they were called to a break up a fight in Oppenheimer Park. Upon further investigation, they found an eight-foot boa constrictor hidden in a tent alongside a whole array of weapons. 

In a statement sent to Narcity, the Vancouver Police Department described how they came to discover this snake at Oppenheimer Park. 

This park is known as "tent city" in Vancouver because it is home to a considerable homeless population who dwell in tents. 

Back in August, about 240 or so people experiencing homelessness were reported to have been living at the park. 

As for this recent incident, the police had to respond to a 911 call in Oppenheimer Park about a man using a machete in a fight. 

They arrived at the park at around 12:30 p.m. but by then, the people involved in this fight had already disappeared.

It's at that point when the police were directed to a nearby tent in the park by witnesses. 

Right off the bat, they spotted the eight-foot boa constrictor in the tent and "some weapons in plain view." 

After looking into the tent further, they discovered a whole bunch of other weapons. 

The statement then went to include a list of everything that was found in the tent in Oppenheimer Park. 

The weapons included a loaded shotgun, a replica shotgun, four replica handguns, one crossbow, multiple knives, three machetes, two axes, one baton, two wooden clubs with nails, and one baseball bat. 

The police themselves had to admit that this was far from the usual 911 call. 

"Every call in policing is different, and this is a call responding officers will never forget,” said Constable Tania Visintin of the Vancouver Police Department. 

Visintin added that it was shocking for the officers to find this humongous snake in the tent but the sheer number of weapons they also found is also "very concerning." 

The City of Vancouver sent Animal Services to "seize the snake," read the statement.

Also, the police have also taken a suspect in custody in relation to the 911 call about the fight.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to the police.

The Vancouver Police have been called to deal with some unconventional situations in recent weeks.

From a weapon-yielding young man who burned down his entire apartment to a people stealing boxes of hand sanitizer and masks to only resell them online, they're having to be on the top of their game. 

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