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BC Man Caught Yelling 'Go Back To Your Country' At 2 Women & Assaulting A Witness (VIDEO)

Police say "racism" has no place on public transit.
BC Man Caught Yelling 'Go Back To Your Country' At 2 Women & Assaulting A Witness (VIDEO)

Another racist incident has been caught on video in B.C. On Tuesday, May 12, Metro Vancouver Transit Police announced that they're on the hunt for a man caught assaulting a woman on a bus and yelling racist remarks at two other passengers. This Vancouver racist video is being shared online and the public is asked to come forward with information about the accused. 

The whole incident took place on April 18, 2020, as revealed by the police's media statement

A man boarded the bus at approximately 4:25 p.m. at Main Street and East Hastings.

Soon after, two Asian women reportedly boarded the bus as well and sat down. Both were wearing protective masks.

The man immediately turned to the two women and said: "Go back to your country; that's where it all started." 

This immediately caught a passenger's attention, who decided to intervene and call out the man for his behaviour. 

This witness told the man to leave the two women alone. An altercation ensued between the witness who was defending the woman and the man. The man reportedly started to threaten her with violence

A few minutes later, the male suspect "jumped up and kicked the victim in the leg." 

When the victim stood up to defend herself, the man pulled her hair, yanking so hard that a clump came out. 

The man reportedly punched the victim many times in the head and wrestled her to the ground.

As the victim was trying to fight off the suspect on the floor, she managed to break his hold and get free. 

The statement goes on to mention that the suspect left the bus at that point and was last seen running away near Commercial Drive and East Hastings.

The victim was left with bruising to her leg and an injured scalp. 

The police have released a short video of the incident which gives you a clear picture of what the suspect looks like in the media statement.

Transit police are now asking for the public's help to help them locate the suspect from this bus assault. Apparently he's a "Caucasian male" between 45 to 55 years old.

His height is approximately five feet and six inches, and he weighs about 180 pounds. 

At the time of the assault, he was wearing a red baseball hat with the letter “V” written at the centre, a blue t-shirt, light grey sweat pants, and blue shoes.

He was also carrying a dark grey jacket with a grey backpack.

The police reiterated near the end of the statement that violence and racism have no place in the transit system.

If anyone has any information about the identity of the suspect, they should call the tip line at 604-516-7419. 

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