It’s no surprise that bigger cities tend to have more bicycle-related accidents. While cities try their best to eliminate this by installing bike lanes, accidents still happen. A recent study found that Vancouver was one of the worst places in the world for bike-related accidents. 

German insurance company, Coya recently conducted a study that globally ranks the world’s established cycling cities. The conclusive data rated each city on a number of factors including bicycle theft, road infrastructure, bike-related accidents, and safety requirements. Each city was then given a score that placed them in their respective rating. 

The list has a total of 90 cities listed from across the globe. From that list, two Canadian cities were mentioned; however, it doesn't look good for one of them as it was ranked as having some of the most bike-related accidents globally. 

It may come as no surprise when we tell you that the Canadian city that has some of the most bike-related accident in the world is Vancouver, British Columbia. This huge hub was mentioned on the list due to the large number of cycling routes and lanes throughout the city. If you live in Vancouver, you can definitely agree that there are a lot of cycling related incidents on the road. 

In terms of the overall score, Vancouver ranked in 37th place out of 90 cities. This ranking took into account a number of topics including bike safety, number of bike-related crimes, how many people use bikes as their mode of transportation, and bike sharing initiatives.

In terms of road quality, infrastructure investment, and bicycle sharing score, Vancouver remained pretty average across the board. The one area where Vancouver dominated the rest was in the category of bike-related accidents. 

According to the data, Vancouver has enough bike-related accidents to put it in 15th place out of 90. The list states that for every 100,000 bicyclists, there are 1,455.97 accidents. 

While the data does not specify how severe or minor these accidents are, the number is still large enough to crack the top 20 out of 90 global cities. 

Maybe Vancouverites would have a safer time biking if drivers weren’t using the bike lanes as a way to pass traffic like they are in Richmond. To be fair, cyclists in Vancouver are also known for not always adhering to rules of the road when weaving through traffic. Both sides could be blamed for accidents on the road.

Other than Vancouver, Montreal was the only Canadian city listed. Apparently, this city is a little better for bike safety as they finished in 33rd place for bike-related accidents. The data states that for every 100,000 cyclists in Montreal, there are about 986.47 accidents. 

Coming in first out of all 90 cities with the highest number of bike-related accidents was Boston. According to the data, there are 3,459.77 bike accidents for every 100,000 cyclists in this city. Remind me never to bike there! 

While Vancouver may not be the best, at least we now know where we need to improve. In general, it's an accomplishment that Vancouver was listed as one of the most bike-friendly places on Earth.

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