It's no secret that renting in Vancouver is expensive – so expensive that the city is home to some of the highest rental prices in the entire country. So how expensive actually are Vancouver rental prices? These apartments will show you just how much it can cost to live in the city. You're about to find out how painfully high rental costs are for just a small, one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver. 

Vancouver has become infamous for its high living costs not just in Canada, but also internationally. Vancouver was even ranked as having one of the worst housing markets in the entire world. According to's May 2019 rent report, Vancouver has the most expensive two-bedroom rentals in the country. 

Several properties are currently being listed on Craigslist Vancouver for monthly rentals. The prices do not come cheap – one bedroom apartment rentals are being listed for as high as $3750 per month right now in downtown Vancouver. 

Several of the one-bedroom condos in downtown Vancouver are currently listing their monthly rent as between $2300 and $3750. 

So what do these apartments look like? Considering their price tag, you might be expecting them to be large, penthouse style suites. However, many of the places are actually just between 500 to 600 square feet.

Check out some of the Vancouver apartments that are being rented out on Craigslist right now.

$3750/month - 570 square feet, 1 Bedroom Condo in Downtown Vancouver

$2700/month - Studio Apartment

$2200 - 645 square feet, 1 Bedroom Suite 

$2975/month - Studio Condo 

So you may have known that rent prices in Vancouver were expensive, but you may not have realized exactly how costly it could be. 

However, Vancouver is not the only city with high rent prices. Toronto has the most expensive one-bedroom rentals in the city, according to Right now, renting in some GTA suburbs is overall more expensive than renting in Vancouver.