We all love eating out. Even though I love to cook, there are certain things that I can just never get perfect. Or if I'm being honest... sometimes I'm just way to lazy to get my act together and want to be served perfection by somebody else. The problem with eating out though is how sneakily it soaks up your bank account. I was shocked to find my card maxed out in my first year of living in Vancouver. I nervously went through my bank statement and too my horror, every single expense was on food. It adds up!

But instead of sacrificing eating out all together to save some bucks, why not explore cheap eats around the city. They give you the eating out experience without the crazy spending.

Here are 8 Vancouver restaurants you can go to if you're young, broke and hungry:

Photo cred- @neils.foodworld

Bon's Off Broadway // 2451 Nanaimo St.

Grab a breakfast special here for $2.95. Yes... you read it right. $2.95! Sit down with your friends for a hearty morning meal for "cheaper than two zone transit fare."

Photo cred- @chelsamander

Umeda Japanese Cuisine // 1157 Granville St.

This place is one of my dinner go-tos. Everything on the menu is relatively cheap and tasty but their sushi special is what I keep coming back for without any spending guilt. For $7.95, you can grab your choice of three rolls and a miso soup. That's 18 rolls and delicious soup for less than $8!

Photo cred- @sewon_ii

The Famous Warehouse // 989 Granville St.

The majority of the menu here is under $5! Grab a burger or a delicious plate of nachos for a shockingly cheap price. The ambience is vibrant and fun and the space is usually filled with young, lively people. It's the perfect spot to hang out and eat before a night in the city.

Photo cred- @katieli16

The Eatery // 3431 West Broadway.

This is one of my favourite spots for a really nice dinner that doesn't break the bank. The creative rolls are incredibly tasty and range from around $6-$8. I've been here several times with friends and for starters and a main course each, the bill is always about $20. Feel super full of gourmet goodness for a great price.

Photo cred- @nehavarshneya

Bao Down // 12 Powell St.

This delicious fusion spot gives you great, unique food for a totally affordable price. Try the famous steamed bao's for $6. Add on some amazingly good fusion fries for $5 and have the ultimate meal for only $11! You won't be disappointed.

Photo cred- @mimiharveytoo

The Capital // 1178 Davie St.

This place too has everything on the menu for just under $5! Located in Vancouver's west end, this is the perfect spot to grab a hearty, delicious yet affordable bite before a night in the city.

Photo cred- @stargazerchan

La Casita // 101 West Cordova St.

As one of the best Mexican place in Vancouver, this place never disappoints. The best part is, you can enjoy the deliciousness for an incredibly affordable price. Head down on Mondays for a $5 burrito or Tuesdays for $2.50 tacos. Make your weekdays yummy and cheap!

Photo cred- @onecrazycupcake

Crave India // 1019 Granville St.

Enjoy a spicy and artfully tasty butter chicken for only $6! The regular size dish is more than enough to satisfy your cravings. Add a side of fresh, made-on-the-spot butter naan for $2 and you've got yourself an incredibly cheap but incredibly delicious meal that will leave your tummy happy for days.

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