The snow has come to an end, the ever classic Vancouver rain has returned, and it's downright depressing. It's time for you to give yourself and your bestie the pick-me-up you both deserve by going to see an improv show on Granville Island.

If you've never seen improv before, this is the perfect opportunity to catch a show, because from February 1st through 14th the Vancouver TheatreSports League is presenting it's annual Throwdown International TheatreSports Festival. For two weeks only, the top improv teams from all over the world are battling it out to win the brag-worthy title of best improvisers.

via @improvcomedymumbai

From the 1st to the 8th you can watch Vancouver's most elite talent as teams compete to represent our city in the final Throwdown.

After the local round has been completed, watch as improvisers from foreign lands as far as Oslo, Norway and Mumbai, India continue to battle it out.

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On the final night, the teams with the highest points compete against each other in one final laughing brawl. Will Orlando, USA defend their championship, or maybe our clever Vancouverites will take home the title?! Who knows, it could even be the witty Norwegians who prevail! Only the audience can decide in this game of wits.

One thing that's for sure is that you're guaranteed to leave with an impressive smile on your face. You may even forget that nagging Visa bill you still have to pay, or that New Year's resolution you've given up on. Adulting is hard, and you deserve to take a load off and laugh it all out.

Following the usual spirit of improv, Throwdown is no dry affair - the bar will be open, so you can keep the good vibes flowing.

Tickets start at just $10 and you can add a drink for an extra $6. It's time to conquer your Winter blues: visit their website, or click here to buy your tickets today.