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This Vancouver Show Will Guarantee You'll See Some Skin On The First Date

Magic Mike's got nothing on this.
This Vancouver Show Will Guarantee You'll See Some Skin On The First Date

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year, offices are getting hectic, midterms just passed for students, and there's no more long weekends until Easter! Overall, Vancouver has been looking a little grey. But don't you worry, it's nothing a little magic can't fix.

If you and your girlfriends are ready for some R-rated fun, you need to check out the magic show that's coming to Vancouver this April.

They say you can't trust magicians because they always have something up their sleeves. But what if they didn't have any sleeves? After selling out their shows in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, the hottest new show The Naked Magicians is coming to The Hard Rock Casino to put on a very special performance for you. This is a must-see show that will have all your girlfriends asking "they pulled a rabbit out of where?!?!?"

via @thenakedmagicians

Whether you're planning the perfect birthday, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or just want to get together with your gal pals, this is not a show to miss. Not only are The Naked Magicians seriously hot, they're also both comedians who know magic! You don't get a better combo that that. Oh, and did we mention they're Australian?

via @thenakedmagicians

And don't worry, comedians Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler aren't letting their new found fame go to their heads. They're just a couple of ex-athlete, Australians, who just happen to love getting naked and performing magic tricks in front of thousands of people.

via @thenakedmagicians

The show is promising to be an evening of full, frontal illusions. Left without pants or sleeves, you'll be wondering how The Naked Magicians even pull off their tricks. Maybe they're just hoping to distract you with something other than slight of hand...

via @thenakedmagicians

Click here to get your ladies night started. Tickets start at just $55.50, or $69.50 to upgrade to a meet and greet.

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