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Vancouver’s Forecast Shows Wet & Soggy Snow Flurries Starting Next Week

Winter is about to kick down the door.
Vancouver’s Forecast Shows Wet & Soggy Snow Flurries Starting Next Week

We know it’s hard to believe, but December is right around the corner. In fact, it starts next weekend. Though Vancouver winters aren’t always merry and white, we may be kicking December off with some snow in the city. The Vancouver snow report shows some flurries coming up to finish off November and welcome December in true Christmas fashion.

According to The Weather Network, Vancouverites can expect a 40% chance of flurries on Thursday, November 28 with temperatures averaging at 2 C.

The following day, Friday, November 29, the chance of precipitation skyrockets to 70% and it includes “snow-rain showers.” Up to 4 cm of snow and rain is possible in Vancouver on this day, The Weather Network reports.

On Saturday, November 30, there will be a high chance of more mixed precipitation. Finally, we come full-circle on Sunday, December first with more flurries.

According to the Vancouver Courier, while Vancouver sees some flurries, the mountains might see up to 10 centimetres of snowfall, as well. So, if you’re dying to hit the ski hill, next weekend might be the perfect opportunity.

Though snowfall is pretty cute and festive around Christmas time, it's not always ideal when it's mixed with rain. It's looking like Vancouver might be in for a slushy multi-day stretch next week.

Perhaps this sort of weather calls for the infamous umbrella-in-the-snow that Vancouverites are notorious for.

Take a look at The Weather Network's forecast for the end of November and early December.

[rebelmouse-image 25957948 photo_credit="Vancouver | The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="1270x328"]

Leading up to the flurries, the weather in Vancouver Won’t be terrible, but it won’t be great. Saturday, November 23 will be extremely rainy all day long.

There will then be showers throughout the next few days until the flurries begin on Thursday and your rubber boots come out of storage.

If you can make it through a long, soggy weekend, Mother Nature will be rewarding you with some sweet, sweet sunshine.

There will be three straight days of sunshine from Monday, December 2 to Wednesday, December 4. If there is anything left to complete on your fall bucket list in B.C., the first week of December is offering three perfect days for activities.

As Vancouver blows up with Christmas activities and markets, we will welcome this little burst of snow to get us in the holiday spirit. Though we're not thrilled about the slush, you simply can't have it all.

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