A movie theatre experienced a touch of the Dark Side in real life at a Vancouver Star Wars screening when the movie premiered recently. Understandably, the crowd was excited to see what was about to go down on the big screen, but one audience member was angered over a cell phone, causing the entire show to come to a halt.

On Thursday night, at a 7:30 screening of The Rise of Skywalker at Vancouver's Scotiabank Theatre, hundreds of people arrived, eager to enjoy the show with their friends and family. 

One man, Joe Bond, brought along his wife for the show. Bond told Global News that the film was actually the couple's first date night since their second child had been born.

Things seemed to be going well until an agitated filmgoer appeared, aggressively asking Cineplex staff how he could find his seat. Unfortunately for Bond, the angry man was sitting right beside him and his wife.

It's common courtesy to turn your phone off in a movie theatre, but when someone in the audience pulled out theirs to film the opening credits, the angry Star Wars fan yelled at them, disrupting the entire theatre.

Bond and his wife were uncomfortable but tried to mind their own business and enjoy the content on the screen, but they hadn't heard the last of their fellow patron quite yet — Bond would later get up close and personal with the man's fist.

Everything returned to normal, until Bond felt his phone buzz in his pocket during the movie, that is.

"I thought I was getting a phone call from our babysitter," he told Global. Apparently the phone's subtle vibration was enough to bring out the Dark Side in Bond's seat neighbour.

“He just kind of lost it, he began yelling and screaming. I told him to calm down, and he didn’t calm down, and then he hit me in the face," Bond explained.

Although the actual assault wasn't caught on camera, audience members began recording when the movie was paused and the lights were turned on to investigate the situation.

The angry fan in question can be seen pointing his finger at other people in the crowd, aggressively yelling at them and disregarding the Cineplex employees trying to remove him from the theatre.

The man's disruptive nature resulted in him not only being ejected from the movie but also led to The Rise of Skywalker being started over for everyone else in the crowd.

Vancouver "Star Wars" Screening

Vancouver Police were called to the Scotiabank Theatre at about 8 p.m., but by the time they arrived, the angry audience member couldn't be found. 

Police are taking the incident seriously, and are reviewing CCTV footage as they continue to investigate the situation.

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