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Vancouver Taxi Driver Suspected Of Drunk Driving After Crashing & Refusing A Breathalyzer

An incident took place on Monday that resulted in a collision between a taxi driver and another vehicle. The Vancouver taxi driver was suspected of drunk driving. When police arrived on the scene, the driver refused to take a breathalyzer but a photo is in circulation which shows that a bottle of rum was by the driver's feet. 

According to an email sent from the Vancouver Police Department to Narcity, the police were called to an area of Cambie Street and 37 Avenue at around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, February 3. 

The email states that the taxi allegedly rear-ended another vehicle on the road. 

Both drivers were treated by paramedics that attended the scene and were cleared of any injuries. 

The taxi driver was working for Yellow Cab taxi; a company that is currently involved in the fight against Uber and Lyft

The driver was charged with “fail or refuse to provide a breath sample,” the VPD explained in the email. This is because he refused to provide a breath sample at the scene. 

While the investigation is ongoing, CTV News has obtained photographs showing that the driver had a bottle of Bacardi rum at his feet. 

In the photo, you can see the door of the Yellow Cab is open and the driver is sitting in his seat. 

The bottle is sitting by his left foot. It is difficult to determine how much liquor is left in the bottle by looking at the image. 

You can also see that the airbag was deployed in the taxi as a result of the collision. 

Vancouver police have told Narcity that the unit has reached out to Yellow Cab to help with the investigation. 

Though, because the driver would not provide a breath sample, it is unclear if they can be charged with impaired driving.

Vancouver has been rallying for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to join local taxi companies as a transportation option for some time now. 

After the two companies announced that they would be operating in the city, they were met with a string of backlash from local cab companies. 

Now, a series of local taxi outlets are ganging up on Uber and Lyft with the plan for shutting them down. 

Their latest plan is threatening to eliminate the use of accessible vehicles in Vancouver.

Narcity has reached out to Yellow Taxi for comment and will update this story when we receive a response.

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