If you pay rent in Vancouver, then you're on a budget. It's just an unfortunate fact in this expensive city!

You and your penny-pinching BFFs can still treat yourselves for less than $35. Vancouver's best cocktail spots, sweet treats and exciting shows are all waiting for you to discover this Fall.

Without unlimited cash flow, you have to get creative with how you get fun. Whether you're after the sophisticated simplicity of beer and pizza or want to totally pamper yourself, you'll find something on this list that's just perfect for you and your friends!

Cocktails At UVA

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UVA reminds me of a cosy Italian-inspired bar you might find in the East Village in New York City. This spot is tucked inside the Moda Hotel downtown and consistently ranks as one of the city's top spots. Treat yourself to a cocktail here and split a cheese plate with your friends for a great Fall evening out!

The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

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Sweeney Todd is coming to Vancouver and this performance featuring the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is not for the faint of heart. It's the perfect show to get in the mood for Halloween and you can score tickets for less than $35. They'll even be serving pies at this show and if you know anything about the story of Sweeny Todd then you know how twisted that is!

Learn How To Make Onigiri

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Onigiri might look like a giant hunk of sushi, but it's actually a rice ball filled with a delicious treat inside like tuna, pork or seasonings. You can learn to make this treat for yourself at this hands-on workshop! Anime lovers and Japanophiles will enjoy the Miyazaki-vibes that come with making onigiri.

Fright Nights

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It ain't cheap to visit Fright Nights, but if you and your friends love Halloween scares then this is the ultimate treat for you this Fall. You can get in for less than $35 during the first week of Fright Nights, so don't wait to get tickets and save big. There are eight haunted houses this year and you can take a break from being totally scared out of your mind by riding one of 20 rides!

Check Out A New Yoga Studio

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Bored of basic yoga studios? Check out a smaller studio with your BFF this fall and get blissed out at one of these under-the-radar studios. With brick walls, smaller class sizes and a community-centred vibe, they have a ton of personality. Check out The Dharma Temple on Main Street or One Yoga in Gastown and do a drop in for a fun way to hang out with your friends on a Saturday afternoon!

Potter’s House Of Horrors

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Step right up for a night full of claustrophobic jump scares! The haunted houses at Potter's House of Horrors are seriously spooky. It's a bit of a hike out to Surrey to catch this Halloween event and it's not super cheap, so treat you and your BFF to something a little scary this Fall.


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The VIFF LIVE Artist Showcase combines festival cinema and live music. Catch local B.C. artists perform live in a unique showcase at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Music and film lovers shouldn't miss out on this epic VIFF party!

Harvest Glow

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Bring your BFF with you to Langley to check out Harvest Glow. This is the inaugural autumn version of the popular light show and festival. You can check out the autumn market, eat at food trucks and grab drinks from local breweries and wineries who will be in attendance. Also, check out their corn maze, indoor pumpkin patch and mini putt. This family-friendly event will be a sweet, low-key hangout with your friends this Fall!

Vancouver Tea Festival

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This weekend at Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden is a tea-lovers dream! Treat yourself and your BFF to tickets to the Vancouver Tea Festival where you'll see and sample tea from around the world.

Wine & Cheese Night

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A wine and cheese night with your friends is très sophistiqué. Take the time to pick out a couple good cheeses at Les Amis du Fromage and a bottle of B.C. wine. It's not as expensive as you might think to have a chic night in!

Japanese Breakfast

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It’s so hard to see a good show in Vancouver for less than $100. Why are concerts so expensive? Grab your BFF and catch the indie sounds of Japanese Breakfast at the Imperial. Tickets are less than $30 for this show!

Hunnybee Bruncheonette

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The Birds and the Beet's just opened their bruncheonette concept to massive success! Treat yourself to an authentically Vancouver brunch experience and be among the first to Instagram their delicious offerings.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

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The kids from Stranger Things loved to play the fantasy roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. Not sure where to start? You can be guided on your quest by a veritable dungeon master at Storm Crow Tavern! You'll be on your way to saving maidens and slaying dragons in no time.

Mange Charcuterie-style

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Mange! Mange! Charcuterie plates are made to share with friends and are great for sampling meats, cheeses, and other artisanal goodies. These plates are definitely an indulgence and pair well with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

Indulge In A Cocktail Bigger Than Your Head

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Who wouldn't want to imbibe from a massive copper flamingo? You can order this beauty at Clough Club, but there are a ton of other spots in the city serving up massive cocktails meant to be shared with friends!

Small Victory

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This highly-covetable bakery and coffee shop in Yaletown just got a second location on South Granville. Bring your friends there for top-notch brunch, croissants and coffee. While you're there pick up a loaf of bread to take home. That technically counts as grocery shopping. You got this whole budgeting thing down! Good for you!

Get Your Nails Done At An Instagram-worthy Salon

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You can get a manicure for less than $35 pretty much anywhere in Vancouver, but you want a salon that's comfortable, environmentally-friendly and that will look fab on your Instagram feed. Make an appointment at Joyride in Kits for you and your BFF to get pretty together, catch up on gossip and take a ton of pics.

Shop For Crystals

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There are a ton of hidden spots around Vancouver to see spectacular crystals and even find the right one to take home with you. Check out Amethyst Creations in Kits for a good deal and explore Crystal Ark on Granville Island for an incredible selection of vibration-raising gems from the Earth!

Premium Pizza From The Parlour

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Pizza might be a good budget activity, but you deserve only the best. The Parlour in Yaletown is the place to go for premium pizza. Order the Greek-inspired Zeus flavoured pizza and a glass of beer and you'll clock in under $35 for a satisfying night out with friends.

Stanley Park Ghost Train

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The Stanley Park Ghost Train never disappoints! It's a cute, happy little Halloween activity that's perfect for goofing off with your friends and letting your inner kid have fun. Every year, they decorate the train with lights and exhibits to create a mystical woodland Halloween adventure!

Vancouver Fan Expo

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If you have any seriously nerdy friends, then they're likely already going to the Vancouver Fan Expo. Costumed cosplayers and celebrity guests collide at this exhibition of all things fandom, geek and amazing. This year, Jason Momoa will be there so it's really worth checking out!

Halloween after-hours at the Vancouver Aquarium

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The best kind of Halloween party is one with cute critters. After-hours at the Aquarium lets you get up close to the animals and there are no little kids in your way! Check out the exhibits and special shows while wandering the aquarium with your drink in hand.

Cocktails At The Botanist

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If you haven't been to Botanist at the Fairmont Pacific Rim yet, what are you waiting for? You don't have to drop a ton of money to experience this place. This is their Pretty Bird gin-based cocktail served in a bird-shaped glass in a bird's nest. One of the bartenders at Botanist just won the title of "Most Imaginative Bartender" and it's no surprise at all!

Happy Hour On The Waterfront

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You can find happy hour deals all over the city now! Get fancy with your BFF and head to Ancora for happy hour for seafood and waterfront views. Their menu features small plates of sushi, craft cocktails and local beer. You can indulge for less than $35 and this beautiful waterfront spot.

Fall Florals

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Fall florals are here! Indulge in the autumnal hues and rich textures of Fall blooms and foliage Check out local flower shops like The Wild Bunch to pick up a handful of fresh flowers to bring the colours of autumn to your home. You can even hang and dry your flowers to create a DIY boho decor piece.

Fox Hole Comedy

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Fox Hole Comedy is the perfect place to bring your friends who can't stop watching late night comedy shows or alternative news like the Young Turks. Vancouver's "funniest weirdos" come to the stage to bring the laughs. What's great about this show is that the majority of performers are minorities. The world needs more comedy from women, queer and nonbinary folks, people of colour and women. Tickets are just five bucks so you can treat yourself to this inclusive comedy show and then grab drinks after!

Odd Society Spirits

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Vancouver's cocktail scene is on fire thanks in part to our awesome craft distilleries. Odd Society in East Van is creating some of the most intriguing spirits and delicious cocktails around. Visit with friends to sample their creations or split a bottle to take home!

Spin Classes At Eastwood

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Boutique fitness studios are a little pricey. When you go with a friend, it feels less like a workout and more like a special treat! Eastwood X in Gastown blasts the tunes while you pedal your heart out. You'll get a good sweat session in and have a blast with your BFF. It might be the perfect antidote to many nights out drinking and splitting nacho plates!

High Tea At East Van’s La Petite Cuillère

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Fancy tea places tend to gouge you for the high tea experience. At La Petite Cuillère, you can get decadent high tea for less than $35! Sip tea from retro china and sit in a plush bird-cage chair or hot-pink sofa snacking on petit fours and tiny sandwiches.

Eat Gorgeous Chocolates From BETA5

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BETA5 is the place to go for decadent creampuffs and gorgeous chocolates. Sample chocolates from their Cocktail Collection for a sweet and colourful treat. With flavours like Negroni and Mint Julep, these chocolates taste like artisanal cocktails and might even replace your happy hour outing with your BFF.