Vancouver Was The Only Canadian City Ranked As A Top Bucket List Destination In The World

Lucky Vancouverites!
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Vancouver Was The Only Canadian City Ranked As A Top Bucket List Destination In The World

Canada has some pretty wicked places to explore. But out of an epic travel bucket list, only one Canadian location was mentioned. Vancouver was named a top bucket list destination on a new ranking and it's so exciting! Have you been to this BC city before? 

Big 7 Travel recently curated an epic travel bucket list and it really does look amazing. The list was completed by surveying over 1.5 million people to find out which destinations should be featured in the rankings. 

From natural scenery to the hustle and bustle of large cities, this list has it all. But out of all 50 destinations, Vancouver was the only one Canadian city to make the list. 

Coming in at number 21 is Vancouver, British Columbia. This gorgeous city is well known among us Canadians but apparently, it is a must travel place internationally!

The list mentions that the large hub is surrounded by the ocean, yet is so close to the mountains and also has everything a large city has to offer. With major attractions like the Vancouver Aquarium, the Sea Wall, and the Vancouver Art Gallery, it’s easy to see why Vancouver was mentioned. 

And it wouldn’t be a conversation about Vancouver with talking about food! Big 7 also mentions the fact that Vancouver has some of the best restaurants! 

This isn't the first time Vancouver has been mentioned on a list of places to go. This year, the beautiful city was mentioned 30 times on a list of the 100 best Canadian restaurants with patios. 

Out of the 100 best restaurants in Canada, 11 of them are in Vancouver. And out of the 50 best bars in Canada, eight of them are right here in the city!

Vancouver is also known for the Vancouver Aquarium, which has been ranked as one of the best aquariums in all of North America several times. 

While Vancouver is no doubt a must-see destination, it is incredibly expensive to live in. In order to live here and afford a two-bedroom apartment, you will need to find a job that pays at least $22.40 an hour. So maybe it is just a good place to visit. 

Vancouver was just shy of cracking the top 20 list for the 50 best destinations. It followed closely behind recognizable locations like Tokyo, Rome, New York, and Dubai. 

Coming in at the number one spot was Bali! To view the complete list, be sure to visit the Big 7 Travel website. 

Stephanie Hilash
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