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Vancouver Is Going To Get Hit With A Month's Worth Of Snow By Wednesday Morning

The city could see up to 20 cm of snow.
Vancouver Is Going To Get Hit With A Month's Worth Of Snow By Wednesday Morning

In the early morning on Tuesday, January 4, Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for Metro Vancouver and nearby regions. The weather alert explains that we can expect up to 20 centimetres of snow by Wednesday morning. The uncharacteristic Vancouver weather today is expected to trap cold air throughout the region, with snowfall continuing overnight until early tomorrow morning.

Vancouverites are used to plenty of rain but on Tuesday morning we woke up a predicted yet still shocking dump of snow.

The city was struck with a heavy snowstorm back in January, where we witnessed some insane videos of locals trying to survive the madness. 

Though we’ve been through it before, it’s still a whole lot more than we’re used to. This time around, the amount of snow accumulation estimated is far above the total average for the month of February.

According to Current Results, who deal with compiling weather and scientific statistics, the total average snowfall level for February is 5 centimetres; however, parts of Metro Vancouver are slated to receive up to 20 centimetres of snow alone between Tuesday and Wednesday.

That means an entire month’s worth of snow is about to be dumped onto the city within just 24 hours, leaving the residents to cope with the frosty Vancouver weather.

The Weather Network explains that the snow isn’t stopping anytime soon. In fact,  the cold air at bay “will keep the flakes flying through much of the day,” they wrote.

They are also predicting high amounts of snow for areas north of the Fraser River, with Coquitlam and North Vancouver expected to have close to 30 centimetres of snow by Wednesday morning. 

The cold winds and snowfall are expected to continue overnight but in true Vancouver fashion, the snow is set to turn into rain by dawn for much of Metro Vancouver.

Throughout the rest of the day, the city will have to manage the melting snow with the ongoing rain, making for a pretty unpleasant weather experience. 

In light of the weather warning issued for Vancouver, some schools and college campuses have declared a snow day and opted to cancel classes.

Translink has also alerted commuters via Twitter of their services being affected during the snowy weather.

When you are forced to deal with a month’s worth of snow within just 24 hours, it’s best to just give in to the weather and bundle up like there is no tomorrow. 

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