Metro Vancouver's Under A Weather Alert For Heavy Downpours & Powerful Winds

Up to 100 mm of rain and 90 km/h winds will hit B.C. this weekend.
Metro Vancouver's Under A Weather Alert For Heavy Downpours & Powerful Winds
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Prepare for some wild weather, Vancouver. According to Environment Canada, a Vancouver weather warning has been issued for the city as well as surrounding areas. These statements are calling for a massive amount of rain and powerful winds by the weekend. 

Metro Vancouver is no stranger to rain, of course. The city got a month's worth of rain in just one week earlier this year, followed by an unexpected record-breaking dry spell. However, it looks like the rain is coming back with a vengeance.

According to Environment Canada, several special weather statements have been issued for parts of B.C. including Metro Vancouver.

The severity of the statements will vary depending on region but all are calling for heavy rain and winds by the weekend. Environment Canada issued the statement on Thursday, November 14 at 1:18 p.m.

Altogether, six regions of the province have been included in the weather statements, including parts of the island. The worst of it is anticipated to take place this weekend.

Environment Canada states that Metro Vancouver can expect a wet and windy weekend. Starting this Saturday, heavy rain and winds will be hitting the coastal communities of B.C. 

“An atmospheric river will take aim at northern Vancouver Island and the Central Coast beginning early Saturday morning delivering heavy rain and mild conditions until mid-day Sunday,” states Environment Canada. 

The heaviest rainfall will be along the west side of Vancouver Island and communities of the Central Coast. Total rainfall amounts of over 100 mm are likely to occur. 

Due to the large amount of rain, Environment Canada is warning the public to look for potential flood watches. 

It’s not just the rain that residents have to worry about, though. Winds will be hitting the province hard especially in Metro Vancouver. The statement has warned of 90 km/h winds by the time we wake up on Saturday morning. 

The following areas in B.C. are under this special weather statement: 

  • Central Coast - coastal sections 

  • Howe Sound 

  • Metro Vancouver 

  • North Vancouver Island 

  • Sunshine Coast 

  • West Vancouver Island 

While this is not ideal weather, we can be thankful that it is not snow. Cross your fingers that we never become the coldest place on earth. 

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Stephanie Hilash
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