Canadian Child Actor Jacob Tremblay Shows Off Vancouver's New Whitecaps Jerseys (PHOTOS)

It looks good on you, Jacob!
Vancouver Whitecaps Jacob Tremblay Photos Of The Actor Showing Off The Team's New Jersey
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Vancouver Whitecaps Jacob Tremblay Photos Of The Actor Showing Off The Team's New Jersey

The Vancouver Whitecaps just released a first look at their brand new jersey and it looks sleek as can be. By the looks of it, even actors are getting on board. Canadian child actor Jacob Tremblay was seen reppin’ the new jersey and we have to admit, he looks pretty cute. If you love the Vancouver Whitecaps, Jacob Tremblay and you might have a little something in common other than being adorable.

Earlier today, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced that they would be using a new jersey for the upcoming season.

While the team usually introduces a new jersey every season, this year the team celebrated the league's 25th anniversary and new jersey on the exact same day, explains Kelowna Now.

But that’s not the only thing that is exciting about the new jersey.

Jacob Tremblay, a 14-year-old Canadian actor who was born and raised in Vancouver, was photographed wearing the brand new gear.

Known for being in the live-action of The Smurfs 2, Room, Before I Wake, and Good Boys, the young actor is also a proud sports fan.

In an Facebook post by the team, you can see the adorable and talented Tremblay wearing the royal blue jersey with matching pants.

He even has his name on the back which we have to admit, is pretty cool.

The photos show the child star walking the runway in front of a group of people.

Looks like the already talented teen can add modelling to his list of gigs.

The new jersey, called The Wave, is designed to be a reflection of Vancouver with white-capped waves.

“We take our name from Vancouver’s natural beauty and the water that surrounds us,” wrote the Vancouver Whitecaps.

On the back of the jersey is the city’s motto “By Sea Land And Air We Prosper."

While you probably won't be able to get your very own Tremblay jersey, you can get your own team merch through the online store.

The Whitecaps are set to kick off their season on Saturday, February 29.

Here, they will take on the Sporting KC in an epic home game.

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