Vancouver Whitecaps Played Connect 4 Against Their Rivals Since Their Season Is On Hold

There were even highlights posted after. 😂
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Vancouver Whitecaps Plays Connect 4 On Twitter Because The Season Was Suspended

Sports are sports, after all. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down and suspended all of the major sports leagues. But just because the Major League Soccer season is paused, it doesn’t mean the players can’t still have a little fun. The Vancouver Whitecaps played Connect 4 against their rivals this weekend in lieu of their cancelled soccer game.

The game was played live on Twitter for everyone to see and we have to admit, we got pretty fired up. 

Over the weekend, the Vancouver Whitecaps were scheduled to play against the Colorado Rapids. But with the league's current suspension due to COVID-19, that game understandably did not take place and the team couldn’t show off their new jerseys.

But just because they couldn’t compete against one another on the field, doesn’t mean they weren't determined to take home that win.

According to the Whitecaps Twitter page, the two teams squared up against one another by playing Connect 4. 

Twitter does not have the game available to download, but that’s what emojis are for. 

By recreating the board using emojis, the Vancouver Whitecaps were able to challenge the Rapids to a friendly game on Saturday, March 14.

At around 10 a.m. local time, the Whitecaps challenged the Rapids and by 4 p.m. the game started. And since Vancouver was the home team, they went first. 

But before any move could be made, the Whitecaps tweeted out a video of Marie Hui singing the national anthem.

They even played a video of the American national anthem for their opponents. 

The game is hilarious to watch and slowly but surely, the pieces began to fill the virtual Connect 4 board.

Vancouver chose to play as the coveted blue colour while Colorado was forced to play as red.

The game was intense but after 19 moves, Vancouver was able to secure the win. 

The fans loved the game and all throughout, Twitter users were commenting in real-time.

Followed by the game, the Whitecaps posted a highlight video that was even full of commentary voice clips pulled from previous games. 

Needless to say, this game was everything we didn't know we needed. 

Whitecaps fans have been rejoicing about the win online since it went down over the weekend and honestly, we hope that there are more games like this in the future. 

One person even called the virtual Connect 4 challenge more entertaining than the actual game. 

With new cases of COVID-19 arising every day, a little fun like this is what everyone needed especially since NHL has been cancelled

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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