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Vancouver Will Be Hit By Rain For 5 Days In A Row This Week

Vancouver will get 5 days of rain this week
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Vancouver Will Be Hit By Rain For 5 Days In A Row This Week

Spring has sprung. While the warm weather can mean sunshine and patio drinks, it can also mean rain. Having rain in Vancouver isn’t anything abnormal, but this week we're expecting to see five days in a row of it. Get ready to get soaking wet, because there is a lot of rain in store for us this week. 

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Honestly, let's just be thankful that this isn’t snow. While rain isn’t ideal, it will give the city a chance to clean up and get rid of some of the dust. This week, Vancouver is expected to get hit by rain for 5 consecutive days, so be sure to leave the house prepared to get a little wet!

According to The Weather Network, rain will be starting on Wednesday. On  Wednesday, Vancouver is expected to see a high of 12° but it will feel like 10°. Accompanied with these colder weather patterns, there will be a 90% probability of rain. According to the weather station on The Weather Network, Wednesday is calling for up to 10 mm of rain. 

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As of now, Thursday will be relatively the same as Wednesday. There is a 90% chance of rain and a high of 12° which will feel like 11°. Rain on Thursday will increase as 25 mm is expected to fall by the end of the day. 

Friday will get a little warmerwith a high of 13° that feels like 12°. There will also be a 90% chance of rain throughout the day. Out of the five straight days of rain, Friday has the largest amount of rain with 40 to 50 mm. So be sure to wear some rain gear! 

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Things will slow down over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, although it will not stop entirely. Saturday and Sunday will have a high of 12° and 10° respectively. On Saturday there is an 80% chance that it will rain anywhere from 25 to 30 mm.

Out of the five days of rain, Sunday has the lowest percentage of rainfall, however, it is still probable. With a 70% chance of rain, Sunday could be seeing up to 10 mm. 

Via Screen Grab The Weather Network

During these five straight days, Vancouver will be pretty wet and cloudy. The Weather Network has stated that throughout these five days, there will only ever be a couple of hours of sunshine. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday will have the longest periods of sun with only 2 hours, while you can expect to have only one hour of sun on Friday and Sunday. 

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Rain is typical this time of year, but it’s a great sign that warm days are here and we no longer have to worry about winter!

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