Canadian Woman Fined After Footage Of Her Driving An SUV Down A Staircase Goes Viral (VIDEO)

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Canadian Woman Fined After Footage Of Her Driving An SUV Down A Staircase Goes Viral (VIDEO)
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The weirdest thing was recently caught on camera that showed a woman driving down a huge set of stairs in BC. Following the incident, the Vancouver woman who drove her SUV down a staircase has been fined several hundred dollars. 

Around three days ago, a woman in Vancouver was caught driving her SUV down a staircase. The entire incident was caught on video and shared all over the internet!

The hilarious and bizarre video was captured by Ian Lampman, who shared the video on Facebook with the caption, “So this just happened while sitting at work.” 

According to Lampman, the woman in the large SUV drove straight past the signs for the Wall Centre parking lot, and started driving down the stairs towards Hornby Street.

In the video, you could see the woman trying to navigate her car down the stairs before opening the door halfway down. Lampman toldGlobal News that when the lady stopped, “She yelled stuff out and then continued to drive down the stairs.” He added, “ I thought she was crazy and could have seriously hurt or killed someone.”

While the original video has since been taken down, many other images and videos have been posted online. 

A miraculous feat, the woman actually made it down the entire flight of stairs and onto the sidewalk. While there was definitely damage to the SUV, it was pretty small and centered around the undercarriage. The stairs, on the other hand, took a beating and damage was left behind. 

The woman has become an Internet sensation, however, it has come at a cost. According to KelownaNow News, she has been fined $368 for her actions. 

“Our collision investigation unit was able to locate the driver, speak to the driver, and as a result of the investigation that has now concluded, that driver has been issued a ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for driving without due care and attention,” said VPD Const. Steve Addison to Global News.

This entire incident is hilarious and people can't stop pointing out its similarities to The Office, when Michael Scott drive into the lake because the GPS told him too. 

Maybe her GPS told her the same thing. Either way, it made for the perfect video!

Stephanie Hilash
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