Vancouver’s Balcony DJ Has Fans All Over The City For His Epic Nightly Jams

The cheer is at 7 p.m. but the party starts at 7:05!
Vancouver’s Balcony DJ Has Fans All Over The City For His Epic Nightly Jams

If we take anything away from 2020, it's the year that we were all apart but found ways to come together. In Vancouver, the city erupts in cheers each night at 7 p.m. during the shift change at the hospitals. In Yaletown, one resident keeps the party going with a live DJ set from his balcony and the city can't get enough of his music. Vancouver's Balcony DJ is showing major love for our health care workers and in return, the city is loving his unique patio parties.

"This balcony party first started out with just being stuck indoors with this whole...situation," said DJ Neky The Kid to Narcity.

Originally from Toronto, he's been spinning for over 15 years and now he's making a name for himself as Vancouver's Balcony DJ.

Playing music during the pandemic has been more than just an outlet for him.

"For about a week now the highlight of my day was 7 p.m., coming out on the balcony cheering on our frontline heroes and the work that they’re doing," he said.

It was incredible to see and hear the community coming together. "It would sadden me to go back into my house about 7:05, it was back into quarantine mode," he said.

Seeing everyone outside on their balconies and hearing the sounds gave him the inspiration to start doing his own DJ sets.

"Someone downstairs had played a song...and when it stopped, we went inside and I was saddened by it," he said. "I thought, let me keep that song going."

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From 7:05 p.m. for about 25 minutes on some nights, right now it's Thursdays to Saturdays, DJ Neky The Kid is out there on his balcony doing his thing.

"It's just an outlet for me and everyone else to just vibe out," he said. "It sort of feels like we’re getting out of the house and fills that void of not being outside."

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DJ Neky is getting overwhelmingly positive feedback and a ton of love from the community over his balcony parties. “It’s literally warmed my heart to know that, and it tells me how much music really unites us,” he said.

Music can pick up where streaming leaves off and really connect us. Join in live through Instagram or hear the set in person if you're in Yaletown.

When we're bored at home, there's only so much Netflix we can watch. “There’s only six or seven episodes of Tiger King, so what now?” said DJ Neky The Kid. 

Rather than vegging out in front of the TV every night, in downtown Vancouver people are joining the balcony party even if just for one set.

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