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You Can Meet Hundreds Of Doggos In Vancouver This Weekend (PHOTOS)

So many good boys, so little time.
Vancouver's "Biggest Dog Meetup" Lets You Meet With Hundreds Of Doggos This Week

Thousands of Vancouverites and their fluffy four-legged pals are gearing up for what they call the "Biggest Dog Meetup" in Vancouver. The event, which started as a gathering among friends, grew over eight years to live up to its name; thousands are slated to attend, with previous years seeing up to and over 7,000 attendees. And, of course, so, so many doggos. Vancouver's "Biggest Dog Meetup" is perfect for pooches and pooch-lovers alike.

It's happening on March 1, from 12 to 4 p.m. at Trout Lake Beach, Vancouver. This is the eighth meetup since starting in 2017.

"It's a free event, you just walk into it," said Mehran Shariati, the one and only organizer of the event. "People are just gonna show up."

The event itself is super casual. There's no schedule or dress code, just a bunch of dogs and dog parents hanging out and having a good time.

Last year's event was awesome, and the dogs were absolutely adorable.

You and your pooch are free to show up in the four-hour block and meet some of Vancouver's friendliest canines. It's good to get out and meet others, and that goes for dogs as well as humans.

For Shariati, it all started from his photography hobby. He loves filming wildlife but found it hard to get out and look for animals himself.

"I find dogs very amusing and wonderful. I love photographing them so much, to the point I hosted an event to gather them all in one place," he said to Narcity.

At first, the event began with just a small gathering of Shariati's friends in 2017.

"I had about 50 friends that were interested and about eight or nine people attending," he told Narcity.

Shariati soon forgot all about it. However, when he checked back a few days later, he found the number of those interested had grown to 270 people, with 50 saying they'd attend.

In the end, his first event had over 5,000 people interested and roughly 1,100 attending.

That's a lot of dogs.

Right now, there are around 1,400 people interested in the event, according to the Facebook group.

Shariati's afraid the weather might scare people away, but he's hopeful that more will turn up in time.

Most of the attendees are dog owners from Vancouver.

If there's anything that'll restore your hope in humanity, it's the act of thousands of people all coming together for the love of their doggos.

The Biggest Dog Meet Up In Vancouver

Price: Free

When: Sunday, March 1, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Address: Trout Lake Park, 2120 19th Ave., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Meet, greet, and pet more dogs (ask nicely first) than you can handle at this heartwarming Vancouver event.

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