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You Can Get Freshly-Baked Christmas Chimney Cakes In Vancouver Right Now

You'll find these freshly-baked festive treats at only one location.

Fair warning, you will be hungry after reading this: freshly-baked chimney cakes are available in Vancouver right now. These iconic desserts taste even better than they look and now, you can get them hot and fresh at The Praguery in Gastown. With their festive name and totally warming qualities, Vancouver's Christmas chimney cakes make for the perfect holiday dessert. 

The Praguery is a dessert shop that specializes in creating the Eastern European chimney cake. These cakes are seriously delicious, baked fresh and topped with swirls of soft serve. 

Thankfully for us, The Praguery says that “Vancouver deserves only the yummiest.” In addition to food trucks, they've also opened a standalone chimney cake shop in Gastown.

The Praguery store is open at 221 Abbot Street, and if you need even more incentive to check it out, their Christmas-themed cakes are only available here.

The Christmas chimney cakes come in two varieties. The first is a white chocolate-dipped cinnamon cake, and the second is a freshly baked coconut cone filled with chocolate soft serve.

According to their menu, you can get the classic dessert coated in four different toppings - coconut, walnut, almond, and cinnamon. 

If you are drooling now, wait till you hear the filling options. Their website states that you can fill each cone with Nutella, cream cheese, or lemon curd for an additional cost and trust us, you want to. 

The classic chimes cakes range from $6.65 to $7, plus 95 cents for filling. This is pretty cheap, especially when you consider how big the cakes are. 

Along with the chimney cakes, The Praguery offers sweet cones. Altogether, there are 10 different flavours including caramel, strawberry heaven, black forest, and the Prague OG.  There is even a vegan option.

These cones are a little different than the chimney cakes as they are made with soft serve. All cones are priced at $9.75. 

While you can get the goodies right now at the Gastown location, you can also visit one of their food trucks. According to the website, the company has two trucks that operate in Vancouver. 

These trucks can be found by visiting the truck locator on The Praguery's website. 

You can also find them stationed at special events including the Aurora Winter Festival, Bright Nights in Stanley Park, and Glow Langley. 

This is just one of many Vancouver sports where you can indulge in some tasty treats. Just a few weeks ago, a dessert shop known for creating gourmet cream puffs opened another location in Vancouver. 

Another Vancouver spot serves artistic chocolates that look exactly like mushrooms and oranges. 

Needless to say, Vancouver has some amazing dessert spots and we aren’t mad at it. 

The Praguery

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Chimney cakes

Address: 221 Abbott St., Vancouver, B.C. 

Why You Need To Go: These cakes are iconic and once you have one, you will be wondering where they have been your entire life. 

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