When you think of speed, racing and elegance—do you think of corgis? While they're not the most speedy of dog breeds, they sure are one of the most adorable and you can watch them strut their stuff at actual Corgi races on a professional racing track in Vancouver this summer. 

The Hastings Racecourse (where horses usually dominate the track) is having "Dog Days of Summer" events this summer where you can catch the corgi races. This is a great warm-up for anyone who loves to watch the Superdogs at the PNE each summer and dog-lovers across the city are sure to turn out in droves for this hilarious sporting event. 

This is the second year that Vancouver will play host to this epic corgi race and it's going to be full of sassy personality. The questions on the corgi race registration form are hilarious like "What are your corgi’s favourite things to do?" and "What is your corgi’s favourite food?" so we know that for dog-lovers this event will be equal parts sport and comedy!

Corgis are famously Queen Elizabeth II's favourite dog breed. She got her first Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Dookie in 1933 and has had the breed by her side ever since. You can't blame her for loving their adorable faces! They were originally used as herding dogs but these days you can find their chubby, fluffy behinds all over Vancouver.

Curious to catch the corgi races? You can see them on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 at Hastings Race Course. You can register your own winning corgi online now. For spectators of the fine sport of corgi racing, it's totally free to watch!

For more information, check out Hastings Racecourse. There are also bulldog races and wiener dog races happening this spring and summer.

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