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You Can Get A Vancouver Library Card Online For Free & Never Be Bored Again

No card? No problem, get one online now.
Vancouver's Free Online Library Means That You'll Never Be Bored Again

When I was a kid, I remember complaining about being bored to my mom and she always replied, "read a book!" Now that we're spending more time at home than usual, it's not surprising that a little bit of boredom is starting to creep in. But moms are always right and reading a book is a quick fix to being bored or even lonely. You can get instant access to Vancouver's free online library and once you're in you'll never be bored again.

Everything is moving online these days from Cirque Du Soleil to wine. To help more people read even more books, even the local libraries are making things easier to get on the web.

Right now, all of the libraries in Vancouver are closed. However, if you're a Vancouver resident, then you can get a temporary online card for free.

It'll give you access right away to the VPL's impressive Digital Library that's filled with more than just books. Although, there are a lot of books!

The sign-up process is super simple and in just a few minutes you could be listening to free audiobooks, watching movies, or downloading ebooks.

If you're not too absorbed in on the online shopping you've been doing lately, then it's a great idea to take a break, save some money, and use your library card instead.

There are too many cool resources to name in the library, but it's more than just reading old newspapers and encyclopedias.

You can access free courses from Lynda where you can learn a new skill, hobby, or brush up on your graphic design sense. 

If you're learning a new language, there are dozens of free courses from Mango that you can get. 

If you prefer to listen to books while you chill, clean the house, or go for a walk, then you'll love their free access to AudioBookCloud.

Since audiobooks and subscriptions can be so expensive, this is one resource you'll hold onto. 

You'll never be bored again thanks to your library and now you can spend hours pouring over books, films, magazines and more.

If you need a mental break, then why not move your body. You can join a Vancouver-based at-home dance party from anywhere in the world and dance like no one's watching. 

Vancouver Public Library Card

Why You Need It: You'll never have nothing to do ever again when you take advantage of all the freebies from the VPL.

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