Buckle up Vancouver. It’s going to be an absolute scorcher on Friday, May 29. This is not a drill, temperatures in the city are going to feel like over 30 C. Vancouver’s Friday weather is just screaming for you to get outside and onto the beach. Just be sure you’re still social distancing. 

The snow is finally gone and the warm weather is here. 

While we had a bit of a scare with the snowy highways not long ago, it looks like old man winter has finally left the building. 

The sun is coming out and with that comes the heat. 

Temperatures on Friday, May 29, are going to make a day for the books so be sure to get outdoors in any capacity. 

Whether it be going for a hike or heading to the beach, the heat is literally begging you to leave your couch. The new season of Ozark can wait. 

Environment Canada is claiming that it will be a hot one on Friday which is just how we all need to kick off our weekend. 

With a high of 22 C, there will be a mix of sun and cloud. This combination makes for the ultimate beach day. 

This is a hot temperature on its own but Environment Canada has reported that the humidity is what’s going to make it an even spicier one. 

The weather outlet says that on Friday, temperatures will feel more like 31 C inland with the humidex. 

Now that’s what we’re talking about. 

The UV is expected to be eight or “very high” so sunscreen is a must. 

Take in the hot weather while you can because once Saturday hits, it’s going get a little rainy. 

Environment Canada is calling for a cloudy day on Saturday with a high of 20 C. 

Not bad, but definitely not ideal. 

Sunday, on the other hand, will be rainy. With highs of 17, there will be periods of rain throughout most of the day.

That means Sunday may be the perfect day to sit inside and chill out. 

Now that summer is almost here, things are only going to heat up more. Time to ditch the sweaters and swap them out for a bathing suit or two.