If you're into hiking, you've surely heard of North Vancouver's Grouse Grind. It is known as one of the most popular hikes in Vancouver, as well as being the most Instagrammed hiking trail in Vancouver with over sixty thousand posts with the hashtag #GrouseGrind.

Over the past month, the hiking trail has undergone routine maintenance in anticipation for nearly half a million hikers attempting the hike this summer - and it is finally reopening for the season today!

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The popular hiking trail requires regular safety maintenance in order to withstand the crowds that visit during the year, including removing dangerous trees, step repairs, and replacement of netting.

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The Grouse Grind is a popular spot for hiking and fitness enthusiasts, who will all be delighted at the trail reopening once again.

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The 2,830 step, 2.9km ascent leads hikers through the forest up the steep hill, where you will be rewarded with great scenery atop the mountain!

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The Grouse Grind trail will be open throughout the summer from 6:15am till 7:30pm daily.