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Vancouver's Hot Chocolate Festival Starts Next Week & There Are Over 100 Flavours

It's that time of year. Right after the holidays and before the post-Christmas blues set in, Vancouverites get their cold and dreary grey winter days perked up with a huge dose of chocolate. Vancouver's Hot Chocolate Festival is back next week and it's going to be sweet.

There will be 44 vendors across the city slinging a mindboggling 114 different flavours of hot chocolate.

If you really did want to try them all, you would have to drink four to five per day to get through the extensive menu. That's a lot of chocolate, perhaps too much for any human.

The festival is now in its tenth year and to celebrate they're doing a special throwback.

All returning hot chocolate festival participants will feature their best sellers from the last decade as part of this year's menu offering.

There are too many flavours to list here, but there's a $98 hot chocolate called The Legend of Daryl Hannah made with white sturgeon caviar that you can get at Mink Chocolates during the festival.

Each year, there are a ton of totally OTT flavours you can try if you're the adventurous type.

But if you're after just a classic, old-fashioned hot chocolate there will be a ton of those available, too. 

As if you needed another reason to join in the chocolate-goodness, there's also an Instagram contest.

Try one of the specialty drinks, then tag a photo of it on Instagram with @hotchocolatefest and you're entered to win gift certificates. 

Gift cards — the only thing sweeter than chocolate.

You can see the full list of participants in the festival by checking out their website. There are a total of 53 locations where you can get your chocolate fix.

Don't miss out on Vancouver's annual winter tradition of sipping hot, thick, creamy chocolate up until Valentine's Day.

Hot Chocolate Festival 

Price: $5+ per drink

When: January 18 and runs until February 14, 2020 

Address: Various locations around Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: Try more than 100 different flavours of hot chocolate during the most epic sweet treat festival ever.

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