An Epic Lego-Themed Pop Up Is Coming To Vancouver This Summer

Because growing up is for suckers.
An Epic Lego-Themed Pop Up Is Coming To Vancouver This Summer

Here in Vancouver, it can feel at times like we're forgotten about. All the cool things seem to happen in Toronto, Montreal or even over the border in Seattle and Portland. That is definitely changing though and this year we're getting a ton of cool pop-ups and special events that are putting us on the map. 

One of the most unique experiences that Vancouver's getting this year is a LEGO-themed pop-up party called The Brick Bar! This touring pop-up bar has hit places like Sydney and London and it's making its way to Canada soon with another pop-up planned for Toronto.

Vancouver finally gets to play with LEGO later this summer in mid-July. Over 1 million LEGO bricks will be brought here to create one of the most fun bar nights ever. Have fun building things and checking out crazy LEGO creations like a ping pong table made from 22,000 bricks!

Since we're getting this fabulous LEGO bar it begs the question: is Vancouver becoming cool? Only time will tell as we get more and more incredible things coming our way. 

You can get tickets right now for The Brick Bar in Vancouver and they're between $15 and $25 plus taxes and fees per person. The pop-up is happening over two days on Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20. Each ticket is a 90-minute timed entry so you can pick the time that works best for you. The bar runs from 4 PM to 11:30 PM on Friday and from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM on Saturday—perfect for a Brick Brunch! The location of the pop-up is still a secret right now.

It's not just the bar that's gotten the LEGO treatment. The Brick Bar will be serving Brick Burgers and Brick Cocktails for the most hilarious foodie post ever on your Instagram page. They're actually redefining "kid food" as we know it!

If you can't wait for this epic LEGO-inspired pop-up bar to start, then you're in luck. There's a massive LEGO exhibit just outside of Vancouver where you can see tons of incredible LEGO works, worlds and art!

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