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Police Are Offering $100,000 Right Now For Finding One Of Vancouver's Most Wanted (PHOTO)

Vancouver looks like the wild west with all the "WANTED" posters.

Police in Canada are continuing to search for one of the country's most notorious gang members. As the search continues, it is believed that the wanted Vancouver gang member was last seen in California. In order to speed up the search, Vancouver's most wanted posters have been plastered all around town. A $100,000 reward is currently being offered for information leading to the arrest of the criminal.

At the beginning of the year, Vancouver law enforcement teamed up with the Toronto-based Bolo Program to capture one of Canada’s most wanted criminals. 

Vancouver native Conor D’Monte was a former UN gang member and he is wanted. There's a Canada-wide warrant for him for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. 

While all of Canada has been looking for D’Monte, police are now expanding the investigation as it is believed that he was last seen in California in August 2011. 

In order to get this Vancouver criminal behind bars, wanted posters have been popping up at bus stops in the city. The posters are bright yellow and they read in large letters "wanted for murder."

Police are renewing their efforts to capture D’Monte and are offering in partnership with the Bolo Program a $100,000 reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to his arrest.

While police and the Bolo Program want to catch this criminal, they are urging people to avoid getting into close contact with D’Monte.

According to the Bolo Program website, D’Monte has a lengthy history with criminal activity that dates back to 2009. On February 6 of that year, gunfire broke out in a very busy parking lot of the Thunderbird Village Mall in Langley B.C. at around 4 p.m. 

Eyewitnesses came forward to state that multiple shooters were firing at a grey Lincoln pickup. Thankfully, no witnesses or bystanders were injured. 

The planned hit was for 26-year-old Kevin LeClair. He was reportedly hit with multiple gunshots and died at the hospital two days later. Police believe that this planned attack was part of an ongoing war between Lower Mainland gangs. 

According to police, LeClair was a gang member who had switched allegiance from the UN gang to its rivals, the Red Scorpions which is connected to the Bacon Brothers.

The Bacon Brothers are well-known gangsters in B.C. and back in 2011, Jonathan Bacon died after a planned attack at the Delta Grand Hotel in Kelowna. 

Even though it's believed that D’Monte left Canada in 2011 and was last seen in Southern California in August of the same year, there are tons of wanted posters with D’Monte’s photo across bus shelters in Vancouver.

D’Monte is a 41-year-old man that weighs around 200 pounds and is slightly over six feet. He has brown eyes, black hair and multiple distinguishable features including double moles on his right cheek, Asian characters tattooed on his right shoulder, “Conrock” tattooed on his left shoulder and a dragon tattoo on his upper left back.

D’Monte is considered extremely dangerous. If you think that you may have seen him, then don’t approach him. The best thing to do is call 911. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

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