This Canadian City Just Unveiled Their "Crappy" New Mascots And Residents Are Pissed

Meet Metro Vancouver's new mascots, Pee and Poo.
Ontario Editor
This Canadian City Just Unveiled Their "Crappy" New Mascots And Residents Are Pissed

We've all seen some pretty crappy mascots in the past. Whether it be your old high school mascot or the mascot to your favourite sports team, some of them just aren't A-level material. However, this Candian city just brought 'crappy' to a whole new level. Metro Vancouver has just announced their two new mascots, Pee and Poo.  

Yes, that's not a typo. Yesterday, the two mascots Pee and Poo were seen walking around the Waterfront SkyTrain Station for the launch of the Unflushables campaign. Commuters were taken aback when they spotted the duo, one dressed as a look-a-like poo emoji while the other one was a bright yellow droplet of pee. 

This Unflushable campaign is a month-long initiative that is aimed at informing residents what can and cannot be flushed down their toilets. The purpose of this campaign is to inform residents that only toilet paper and bodily waste should be flushed down the toilet, and objects such as 'flushable' wipes should not. 

Of course, while the video of the two new mascots walking around is hilarious and the campaign has good intentions of informing residents of proper sewage etiquette, many Canadians are suggesting that maybe this idea should have been flushed down the toilet. 

Many Canadians have taken to Twitter mainly to just mock the idea. With so many puns lined up, nobody can blame them for making the most of the crappy situation. 

However, other Canadians are downright angry about the new change. Many have stated their concerns about how it may be a waste of taxpayer dollars and how it can be used towards other sewage needs such as updating and maintaining public washrooms around the area. 

However, despite the different opinions of Canadians weighing in on these new mascots, Metro Vancouver has gotten everyone talking and more importantly, was able to get the word out about what not to flush down your toilet. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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