It’s finally that time of year again! The highly anticipated Vancouver's PNE is finally opening for summer this weekend. In order to make it the best year yet, we have curated a list of literally everything you need to know.  

Since 1910, literally millions of guests have visited the grounds to take in the games, exhibitions, rides, and concerts PNE has to offer. Over the years, it has gotten better and better and this year is no exception. 

It’s safe to say that almost everyone goes for the rides. This year, there are 24 rides to choose from. These rides range from family-friendly fun to extreme adrenaline rush!

Some of the rides include the Atmosfear, Drop Zone, The Pirate Ship, Hellevator, and the Teacups. This year, there are also a number of rides that will be closed.

The closed rides include the Scrambler, Crazy Beach Party, The Beast, Wooden Roller Coaster, Hell’s Gate, and the Honeybee Express. 

PNE decided to close down The Beast after it malfunctioned in mid-air while people are riding earlier this week. Since then, PNE has released a public statement saying that The Beast will be inspected by engineers and external safety consultants before operating for the public. PNE has not released any statements regarding the closures of the other rides. 

The following rides will be available:

  • Atmosfear
  • Breakdance 
  • Drop Zone
  • The Revelation
  • Enterprise
  • The Pirate Ship
  • Gladiator
  • Cool Cruzers 
  • Music Express
  • Choppers
  • Hellevator
  • Super Slide
  • Cap’n KC
  • Westcoast Wheel
  • Teacups
  • Rock-N-Cars
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • The Flutterbye
  • Kettle Creek Mine Coaster 
  • Sea to Sky Swinger
  • Flume
  • Dizzy Drop
  • Bug Whirled
  • Balloon Explorers 

Along with the rides, there are tons of games to play! There are 19 games to choose from that will test your skills all for the chance of winning a stuffed animal or two. 

If games and rides aren’t your jam, no big deal! PNE has tons of free events and exhibitions including the Pacific Spirit Horse Show, Dinosaur Stomp, and Farm Country. 

Some of the exhibitions look super exciting! A crowd favourite will be the Snap Happy: A Do-It-Your-Selfie Experience. This exhibition will allow you to totally immerse yourself in a pop-up filled with multi-sensory attractions. 

Just get your cameras ready! Your Insta game is going to be fire!

All the exhibitions and events are as follows: 

But of course, it wouldn’t be PNE without the awesome concerts! Every year, the Summer Nights Concerts has a number of insane headliners at the PNE amphitheater. All concerts are included in your general admission fee.

One of the most noteworthy bands performing this year is TLC. This throwback girl-group is actually headlining at PNE to celebrate their 25th anniversary and we are so excited!

Summer Night Concert Lineup:

  • Ble Rodeo - August 17 
  • Cheap Trick - August 18
  • 98 Degrees -August 20 
  • Burton Cummings and Band - August 21
  • Vince Neil the Legendary Voice of Mötley Crüe Performing All The Mötley Crüe Hits - August 22
  • Smokey Robinson - August 23
  • Now’s The Time Tour - Collective Soul and Gin Blossoms - August 24
  • STYX - August 25
  • UB40 For The Many - August 27 
  • Colin James  - August 28
  • I Love the 90’s featuring Vanilla Ice, Montell Jordan, Biz Markie, Rob Base - August 29
  • Hammer’s House Party MC Hammer with Bobby Brown - August 30 
  • Billy Idol - August 31
  • The Beach Boys - September 1 
  • TLC - September 2 

After all this fun, you may be getting hungry, but not to worry! PNE has everything for all you foodies out there. 

There are literally hundreds of crazy new food items to pick from. Anything from vegetarian and vegan based to battered and deep-fried will be available to munch on. Oh, and don't forget about their brand new Happy Potter themed Butterbeer ice cream! 

PNE is set to kick off this weekend and run until September 2. Gates will be open every day from 11 AM to late with closures on August 19 and 26. 

All the wonderful activities will be taking place at the PNE Fair located in Hastings Park in Vancouver. 

If you don’t feel like driving, think about taking public transit. In addition to regular transit routes, Translink has boosted its bus service during PNE hours. 

Vancouver's PNE

Price: Free - $55.75 

Address: 2901 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 5J1

When: August 17 - September 2 11 AM to Late

Why you need to go: It's the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer!


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