Pokemon fans the good news just keeps coming this month. First, the Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie with Ryan Reynolds hit theatres, and now Vancouver is getting a brand new Pokemon pop-up bar!

The PokeBar is the first of its kind, and is going to be a real-life pop-up version of the Pokemon game! Within the bar, it will be divided into 7 different regions, and you will have 2 hours of hunting, battling and catching Pokemon! Whoever does the best will be awarded the winner!

While at PokeBar there will also be plenty of delicious Pokemon food to try too! You are going to want to try the mouthwatering Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Charmander burger along with the Pokemon inspired cocktails. Plus to keep you entertained there will be a DJ spinning tunes, and Pokemon inspired games to try.

Tickets to the PokeBar pop-up are limited, so to get your hands on them make sure to sign up on the PokeBar website for the pre-release tickets. The tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Admission to the pop-up is $25 USD per person.

At this time the exact date of the event and the location have yet to be announced. For more information about the PokeBar pop-up visit their website and subscribe to their newsletter for updates.