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Vancouver Is Hosting A Massive "Polar Express" Live Concert This Winter

Watch the holiday classic like never before. ❄️
Vancouver Is Hosting A Massive "Polar Express" Live Concert This Winter

One of the best things about the holidays rolling around is watching all the Christmas movies. From your old-school classics and cartoons to hallmark cheese fests, there's no Christmas movie I'll say "no" to. This November, Christmas movie-lovers in Vancouver are getting a treat because the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will do a live score to The Polar Express. You can get tickets for Vancouver's Polar Express concert right now and with only one show it's bound to sell out. 

The Polar Express came out in 2004 and has been a staple for a lot of people every holiday season since. Starring Tom Hanks, this movie had a lot of hype when it came out. Since then, it's sparked a whole new interest in holiday trains and spin-off events where you can ride the polar express in real life. Who wouldn't want to ride a magical train to the North Pole?

When the holidays come around there are a ton of amazing and magical things to do. No matter how beautiful thousands of twinkling lights strung on trees are, it's still really cold and not that enjoyable. Watching The Polar Express inside a warm theatre while the powerful live orchestral music pricks your skin with goosebumps is the ultimate way to go out for the holidays while still staying cosy. 

Now all you're missing is some hot chocolate and you have the perfect warm-up for the holidays.

The VSO has been bringing movies to life with live score events like this for a ton of movies lately including for Harry Potter and Star Wars. This upcoming Polar Express event is perfect if you love watching the holiday classic year after year.

The performance will include a screening of the film plus a live performance from the VSO of Alan Silvestri's original score. He also created the music for Avengers: Endgame.

When the movie first came out, it was actually the first-ever film to use only digital capture so you're actually watching Tom Hanks it's just a completely animated version of him.

If you can't make it to the concert or you want to add to this magical experience, then you can check out a real-life polar express. The CP Holiday Train will be coming to B.C. later this year and it's an amazing way to experience the excitement of the polar express in real life.

The Polar Express In Concert

Price: Tickets from $26.50

When: Tuesday, November 19 at 7 p.m.

Address: Orpheum Theatre, 601 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Experience the magic of The Polar Express in a whole new way inside a gorgeous theatre with live orchestra music.

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