Are you brave enough to try to escape a horror-themed escape room? In Vancouver's scary escape room, you are trapped inside a serial killer's basement, and it is intense! The room puts you into a nightmare situation of being captured by a killer, with no hope of escape.

Located downtown Vancouver, Smarty Pantz's escape room Thirst For Murder is a super creepy room that will give you chills. Smarty Pantz describes the escape room as "not for the faint of heart." The macabre setting is gruesome, with blood everywhere from the last murder victims.

The story for Thirst For Murder is that you find yourself locked in a basement, of a psychotic cannibal killer. In the killer's search for eternal youth, he has taken to eating humans. Unfortunately, you are scheduled to become the cannibal's next meal. So while the killer is away for an hour, you have your chance to escape!

The immersive room offers challenging puzzles that will you leave you racing to free yourself from the basement in time. Smarty Pantz describes Thirst For Murder as being moderate to hard in difficulty.

It is best suited for a team of 4 to 8 people, but you can do the room with a team size between 2 to 8 people. To complete the escape room, you will need to escape within 45 minutes.

Curious to try this room for yourself? Gather your bravest friends, and see if you all can escape! Thirst For Murder costs $200 for 8 players ($25 a person). Make sure to reserve a timeslot to try the room on Smarty Pantz's website.

Thirst For Murder

Price: $200 for 8 people ($25 a person)

Address: Smarty Pantz, 100 - 289 Abbott St, Vancouver, British Columbia

Why you need to go: To test your bravery, and see if you can escape this nightmarish room in under 45 minutes!


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