What we all love so much about Vancouver was stripped away from us a couple weeks ago. The gorgeous clear skies that we are accustomed to were completely blanketed by smoke and haze due to the many forest fires in BC.

But we don't have to worry, because according to the Vancouver Sun, our clear skies will be back! At least for a short while.

This weekend's lightly rainy and mildly windy weather forecast will help disperse the smoke and also help bring the high temperatures down to about the low-20s.

However according Jennifer Hay, meteorologist with Environment Canada, the light rain will only help for a brief period of time depending on how the wind blows. If we get gusts of wind that blow north, we could be getting that smoky air quality again by around Wednesday next week.

via @11thsuspect

So you know what that means Vancouverites? Get out there while you can! Bask in all the sun that you haven't been getting enough of (ever) and enjoy your summer while it still lasts!

Source: Vancouver Sun