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Vancouver's Tallest Cinnamon Buns At Fresh St. Market Are "Mile High" And To Die For

Tucked under the Granville Street bridge right downtown, there's a new market that opened inside Vancouver House that's worth checking out just for their bakery department. Fresh St. Market, a B.C. based company, just opened its newest location and first-ever store in Vancouver on Friday, February 7. They're selling what could be Vancouver's tallest cinnamon buns and they're basically the size of your face.

When we first heard about a new market opening in Vancouver house in the neighbourhood that's being branded as the "Beach District," we thought we'd be seeing sky-high prices.

Instead, we're seeing "Mile High" cinnamon buns at rock bottom prices. The store is way more affordable than you're expecting.

Narcity went to check out the market can confirm that the buns are jawdropping. What's the cost of one of these bad boys? About $3.50. 

You can get them sticky with walnuts or smothered with cream cheese frosting.

Wandering around the store is like being in a foodie wonderland and it's Vancouver's answer to Paris' La Grande Epicerie.

They even employ a full-time cheesemonger and underneath their "That's One Hot Cookie" sign in the bakery department you'll always find hot and fresh cookies.

Plus, there's a restaurant inside called Fork Lift. It has cheap tacos, burgers, and beer on tap so you can fuel your grocery shopping.

You can get all your usual grocery shopping done here plus a few extra bonuses that real foodies will love to have in their carts.

This could be your new favourite spot to pick up what you need for your wine and charcuterie The Bachelor viewing parties, but we're sure that it's the bakery that you'll be drawn to most of all. 

There's more than just buns at the bakery. They have a magical station that is always filled with fresh-from-the-oven giant chocolate chip cookies. For just $3, you are guaranteed a one-way ticket to ooey-gooey chocolate heaven.

Fresh St. Market

Price: 💸

Address: Vancouver House, 1423 Continental St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Get massive "Mile High" cinnamon buns and fresh chocolate chip cookies for cheap. 

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